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Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer



We, the members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, are a people of Word and Sacrament, are culturally diverse people of God, who worship in a family tradition, holding scripture as the norm for our lives.  We witness to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, reaching out to our community with support and comfort through various forms of nurturing care, directly and/or through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. 


We do this only for the Kingdom of God, always have and always will.


                                               2017 SUMMER CELEBRATION


                                                SUNDAYS, JULY 16TH & 23RD


                                                               NOON – 2:30




This year’s Summer Celebration is shaping up to be the best one we’ve ever had.  We have a fantastic staff, working and planning to make this Summer Celebration an event that everyone will enjoy. 


If you’ve never attended a Summer Celebration here before, it is a multigenerational event.  It is for all ages.  If you have children or grandchildren or neighbors or friends with children, please plan to bring them.  The children will enjoy this as much as the adults.   We work side-by-side.   We start out with an inside picnic lunch, and then the fun begins!




If you have attended one of our Summer Celebrations before, this year will be very different.  We have simplified the format, there will be no moving around from place to place in the building, as we have done in the past.   We really feel that you will enjoy this new concept. We have been blessed with a talented young couple that have theater arts experience that will lead us through a fantastic, meaningful afternoon.




Summer Celebrations are worshipful, inspiring, mission-filled events.  We eat together, we sing together, we learn together, we work together, we laugh together.  For 2 hours on 2 Sundays a year, we spend very special time together.  It costs nothing to attend.  We rely solely upon donations to fulfill our goals.


The Summer Celebration Biblical theme this year is “Jesus is the Light”.   Our Summer Celebration will be full of hands-on teaching, making our message of the light come alive in our hearts.  Come and join us, it will renew you, and give you something to feel really good about. We invite you to sign up on the sign-up sheets on the table overflow. If you are bringing children, please make a note of that on the sign-up sheet.




You must sign up to attend!


We need you to sign up, so that we can be ready for you. Invite a friend or two, tell us how many people you will bring. We hope to see you there!!!!!!  THANK YOU




                            Summer Celebration Mission Projects


We have 2 mission projects: one overseas, and one local.  This year we are making 100 School Kits to be distributed overseas through the Lutheran World Relief.  We are asking for donations to fulfill this goal.  On the table in the overflow you will find a standup poster with a sheet of paper clipped upon the corner.  Upon this you will find what we still need to fulfill our goal.  If you can donate some needed items, please sign up on the appropriate sheet and tell us how many of the items you will donate.  If you can make a cash donation toward these items, there are envelopes on the table for that purpose.  Thank you to each and every person who has so generously donated.   Our local mission project will be to make little bears to be given to The Bridge.


                             Summer Celebration Staff & Planning Committee

 Joshua & Natalie Delgado, Work family, Ruth Reynolds, Roger Regner, Lee Pecht, Joan Jackson, Ruby Holm, Sandy Weise, Ann Waters, Marion Anderau, Patty Wilbanks, Redeemer youth, Pastor Grant. Director-Nancy Housewright


Questions about Summer Celebration?

 Call Nancy Housewright 281-481-8232 or email at nancyandgrant@sbcglobal.net


                Summer Celebration organizational meetings dates:


   All Sunday meetings will be in the Fellowship Hall, after the 10:30 service. 

                                              Sun., July 2                  Mission project

                                          Sun., July 9                  final meeting / cabin crew leaders 

SET UP Fellowship Hall & Stage    Sat., July 15 10:00 am

Rearrange Fellowship Hall & Organize School Kit Items Sat., July 22   3:00 pm


                     500th Reformation Anniversary

Beginning in June:  new Reformation study on Sunday mornings at 9:30 in Fellowship Hall


As requested, Pastor Grant will lead us in a study of the Reformation each Sunday morning throughout June and into July. Come learn more about Luther and his struggles and goals, in this 500th anniversary year of the Reformation!


“These Truths Alone: Why the Reformation Solas are Essential for our Faith Today”


The Reformation transformed Europe by the rediscovery of five key Bible truths.  Summarized by the Five Solas, that set the church on a renewed path of faithfulness.  THESE TRUTHS ALONE is a six-session study that re-introduces these truths to today's Christians during this 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.  We will rediscover these teachings and connect with our faith today.  


              2018 ELCA National Youth Gathering is here in Houston!


                                            June 27 – July 1, 2018


All youth are invited to attend – must be in grades 8 – 12 at the time of registration (September 17). Early bird registration begins on Sept. 15 thru Nov. 15th.


There will be a meeting on Sunday, June 25th after the service to talk about this event. Pastor Grant will give you information concerning the event and will jot down names of interested youth.


If your young person is interested in attending, please come to this meeting.

The following Sunday, July 2nd, will be to discuss financial assistance for this event. Please make sure to attend. Financial assistance deadline is July 15th.

The leaders for this event will be Joshua & Natalie Delgado and Helen Saenz. Let the planning begin!


                                       REDEEMER’S 90TH ANNIVERSARY


The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer was formed on October 2nd 1927.  The church council voted to have a reception to celebrate our 90th anniversary on October 29th 2017. We will be asking for ideas and help finding former members. If you have any questions, please contact Priscilla Hilmers at 713-643-4459 or Marion Anderau at 713-944-7709. 


                                             MARTHA DORCAS GATHERING

                                              Wed., July 19, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.


BIBLE STUDY:  All Anew: Ready or Not - Session Two: Stand With the Least of These by Kelly Fryer, Pastor

 Whenever God does a new thing, it happens in, through and with people who live on the margins.

 We invite you to our Gathering to take a minute to center yourself and open your heart and mind to hear God speaking to you through the words and stories in the Bible.  Everyone is welcome to join us for study and fellowship. 


                     Young At Heart

                                            Wednesday, July 26 at 10:30 a.m.




Please join us for fun fellowship and bingo and a delicious pot luck lunch.  Our entrée will be pulled pork, so please bring a salad, vegetable or dessert to share with everyone.  This is open to our neighborhood and friends are welcome.  We will eat lunch at noon.  Hope to see you there.


                                                        FROM YOUR COUNCIL

Your Council met on June 13th, President Bill Anderau presiding.  Pastor’s devotion was based on 1 Corinthians 12:4-13, which speaks of the variety of gifts.  A new church group, Nueva Iglesia Christiana, meets at Redeemer on Sunday evenings at 6:30 pm for worship and prayer.  Priscilla Hilmers reminded the Council that Redeemer will celebrate 90 years of worship and praise at this site on October 2nd 2017.   Redeemer was inaugurated on October 2, 1927.  A reception is planned for October 29th so as to also focus on 500 years of the Reformation.  Two new members were voted into the Council – Joshua Delgado as co-chair of Christian Education and Natalie Delgado to chair the Worship and Music committee.  The Council extends a hearty welcome!  Summer Celebration is taking shape and promises to be an exciting event.  Make plans to attend July 16th and 23rd after church service.  Until we meet again.  God bless us all.  Ruby Holm


                     TREASURER’S REPORT FOR MAY from Joan Jackson




May Receipts for General Fund - $10,082.60       Disbursements - $12,809.43




May Receipts for Special Funds - $1,836.62         Disbursements - $243.98


                                                       Young At Heart

                                           Wednesday, June 28 at 10:30 a.m.


Please join us for bingo and stay for our potluck lunch at noon.  Our entrée is Summer Picnic Hot Dogs and we ask that you bring a salad, vegetable or dessert to share.  Bring a friend and join in the fun fellowship.

                                                   WELCOME BACK WALTER

The wonderful congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer is happy to welcome back to the fold Walter N. Johnson, who left us for three and a half months for what he thought was his retirement with his family in L.A. County, CA.  Our Walter, who feels blessed to be alive, after this traumatic experience, has returned not only to the fold, but to the neighborhood and to the open arms of new friendships and a wonderful welcome at the Harris County Courthouse.


                       Additions to your orange membership directory:

             Joshua & Natalie Delgado, 8602 Glenbrae, Houston, TX 77061
                   Joshua's email: 
                   Natalie's email: 

   Gary Jensen's email address has changed to:                                      jensen230@comcast.net">jensen230@comcast.net                                                    -Margaret Ross, 6434 Country Club Dr., Houston, TX  77023

-Walter Johnson's mailing address:  6601 Meadowlawn, #2, Houston, TX  77023     -In case you want Connie Kaufman's new address:  P.O. Box 47, Casselton, ND  58012-0047

                                 GREETING CARDS AND STAMPS NEEDED


As most of you know, I do cards for our troops every Christmas.  I thought about it and prayed about it and I've decided I'd like to do it all year because they need encouragement and to know that they are cared about all year, not just at Christmas.   So, if there's anyone who can help me out with cards, stationery and postage stamps to mail the cards, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you and God bless.

Paula Goolsby - goolsbygenepaula@gmail.com">goolsbygenepaula@gmail.com - cell- 832-881-3794


                                              JULY BIRTHDAYS


                                                   Gia Cantu 5th


                                                  Robin Work 8th


                                                Danielle Work 9th


                                                Ron Huebner 13th


                                         Anaya Grace Peguero 14th


                                            Theresa Natividad 17th


                                            Nancy Housewright 19th


                                              Andrea Saenz 22th

                                                              Thank you


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Spring event with your donations of money, time , food, renting tables, setting up and taking down all the tables, working in the kitchen, smoking and cooking all the meat.  A big THANK YOU to Linda Duke for donating the barbecue pit for grilling. Many thanks to Marion Anderau and Helen Saenz for organizing and advertising our event.


                                      SPRING EVENT TOTALS


Our Spring Event that was held on April 22, in order to raise money for the Church Maintenance fund,was really a success. There was a lot of work effort from the congregation and their families. We certainly do thank everyone.


                                                   The final results were:


                          Gross total - $3,661.50        Expenses - $454.52        Profit - $3,206.98   


                 REDEEMER’S PRAYER LIST 


Debbie Adams, Monica Allen,Laurie Aubin, George & Margaret Bazan, Mariah Bell, Rose Bishop, Patsy Maureen Blair, Deborah Bostwick, Bill Chambles, Mimi Chance,  Anthony Contreras, Maria Aurelia Cordova, Iris Cruz, Lance Dromgoole, Mary Duron, Robert English, Marie Escobedo, Roy Garcia III, Rudy Garza, Manny Gonzalez, Monica Gonzales, Sharon Timmerman Graves, Gene Griffin, Juanita Guzman, Tamara Handerson, Rebekah Hasker, Nell Helmke, Steve Helmke, Bob & Priscilla Hilmers, Cora Hilmers, Sue Hill, Fran Hington, Michael Holm, Shirley Huckabay, Jenny Johansen, Vicki Johns, Lee Kelton, Theresa Lee, Martha Limon, Joe Listi, Richard Machowiz, Nathan Maldonado, Bobby & Pat Maxwell, Connie McCammon, Janette Mendez, Christopher Mendoza, Phil Miller, Wallace Montalvo, Sally Musachea, Veronica Natividad, Edith Owens, the family of Mary Margaret Rearick, Matthew Baltazar Rico, Jr., Richard Salias, Melvin & Thelma Schulte, Margot Noelle Sharp, Evan Smith, Roy Soraiz, Larry Stormer, David Taylor, Rosie Tello, Laura Thac, Jyme Tyson, the family of Charles Vogt, Oliver Walkup, Ann Waters, Jerry & Patty Wilbanks, Jimmie Wilkins, Terry & Jerry Wilkins, Annette and Roy Young


If you have changes you would like to see made on our Prayer List, please call Nancy at 281-481-8232

or email to: nancyandgrant@sbcglobal.net">nancyandgrant@sbcglobal.net


                        if you would like to speak with Pastor Grant, or would like for him to call on you,

                                                                  please call him at 713-305-7133









November 19, 2017

WORSHIP TIMES10:30 Sunday Morning


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